Lil' Elmo And The Cosmos Bio

Lil Elmo and The Cosmos

A Little Bit Of Soul . . .

                      And A Whole Lot Of Rock And Roll!

LIL' ELMO AND THE COSMOS have dedicated their musical careers to keeping the red-hot flame of rock and roll burning.  Hundreds of gigs at fairs and festivals, corporate and special events, concerts and casinos all over the world have fine-tuned LIL' ELMO & THE COSMOS into America's favorite vintage rock and roll show band.  Performing with multiple superstar head-liners from Tony Bennett to The Righteous Brothers has not only been an honor, but great experience for the band.

"When you get the chance to work with some of the true legends of show business, it affords you the opportunity to see how it is done and you can fine-tune your act and your craft to make the deepest possible connection with your audience"

-Jay Kessler, Vocals

The band's mission statement is simple.  Lil' Elmo wants to chronologically take the audience on a musical journey through the seminal moments of rock and roll history from 1955 through 1985.

"Our job is to entertain and keep people on the dance floor. Doesn't matter if its Chuck Berry, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones or Bruce Springsteen, we wanna keep people dancing' in the streets and remind them of the spirit and freedom that rock and roll represents.  We do a lot of interactive stuff with the audience to get them involved in the show with dance crazes like the twist or the limbo.  We like to have fun with big giant beach balls and surf boards, stupid stuff that breaks down the wall between us and the audience.  When it comes to the music we're dead serious about delivering with passion and integrity.  Every gig we play we're looking to throw the ultimate rock and roll dance party and you're all invited."

-Steve Feller, Vocal & Keyboards

LIL' ELMO AND THE COSMOS have been rollin' down the rock and roll highway for more than three decades.  They would like to roll into your town and share their passionate tribute to the history of rock and roll with you and yours.  See ya at the gig!

   Please contact your Agent or Party Planner for Pricing & Further Information or Email us at:  [email protected]

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