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By Steve Feller on Dec 17, 2015 at 03:20 PM in Lil Elmo and the Cosmos Stories

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The main man behind the classic rock band, Lil Elmo & The Cosmos is Steve Feller, founder, frontman, lead singer and pianoman. To say Feller has a long history in show business is a bit of an understatement considering he was a three time winner of “Ted Mack’s Original Amateur Hour“—the “American Idol” of ’50s’ TV. He was, of course, a child performer on that show and claims his only loss came after his voice changed. But over the many years since those days, Feller has put his changed voice to good use, playing classic rock and roll in whatever band he found himself…and for the most part, that band has been Lil’ Elmo & The Cosmos.
The group began in 1973 at William Howard Taft High School in Woodland Hills, California. They eventually made their way to Las Vegas where they played the Tropicana from 1986-1996.
“We were regulars, along with guys like Sam Butera,” explains Feller. “We used to play in the keno room with Butera and others like Peter Allen and Joey Bishop. Before that, we also played the Maxim in the Cloud Nine Lounge from midnight to 5 a.m. We played all night long and got very popular before moving to the Trop.
“We were the big pompadour hair guys. Aqua Net made a lot of money off of us. Unfortunately, when I used that much hairspray it pulled my hair out. It’s tough to have a pompadour without any hair.”
With or without hair, the group was noticed by the John Hancock Company who became their sponsor and booked them all around the world.
“Back then, the band was an avid ’50s and ’60s music show,” explained Feller. “But now we’ve added a lot more variety to the repertoire. I pride myself in playing any song people want to hear.”
And playing it very real.
“There are no ‘mechanics’ in the music. It’s all live,” said Feller. “I’m not a big supporter of electronic music. Live means live.”
Feller is pretty happy about not jumping on the tribute show bandwagon.
“I’ve had offers, but it’s just not what I want,” he said. “We’re a tribute to everyone. And the customer is always right. If there’s a song they want to hear, that’s the one we learn. We play the old stuff, the new stuff and everything in between. Glenn Miller is just as good as Green Day.”

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rebecca saunders

met you at the Colo Bell last week-end , you were great see you again soon. I am a friend of John and Linda take care Rebecca Saunders

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Judy Westgard

When will you play Laughlin, Nv again?

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@Judy Westgard: New Year's weekend at the Colorado Belle. I'll be running sound there!:-D