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Lil Elmo And The Cosmos Swag

The Lil' Elmo brand pulls it's name from one of America's foremost Doo Wop rock bands, Lil' Elmo and The Cosmos, who are now offering a custom, clothing brand for the boomer generation.  Lil' Elmo visually represents the music that was playing in the front seat while America was playing in the back - a generation driven visually through artwork, hairstyle, fashion and custom cars.

Artist and founder of Lil' Elmo, Michael Bayouth, was inspired when he met Von Dutch at an early age at his Calabasas studio where he painted custom cars and motocycles.  His work, obviously an influence of his culture, is the very same culture that connects Lil' Elmo's music to their audience.  For over the forty plus years, Bayouth has generated many cool, custom designs and logos that are now being re-purposed in the limited edition clothing line.

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